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Miriam Arond
Miriam Arond writes and edits award-winning content across all print and digital platforms. She specializes in psychology, family relationships, health, travel, women's issues, and consumer products. She is coauthor with psychiatrist Samuel L. Pauker, M.D. of "Depression: A Guide for the Perplexed" on, president of Miriam Arond Consulting, LLC, Communications Director at WJCS, previous Director of the Good Housekeeping Institute, former Editor in Chief of Child and American Health magazines, and coauthor of The First Year of Marriage: What to Expect, What to Accept and What You Can Change. She has presented at numerous thought leadership conferences and been interviewed on dozens of TV shows, radio programs, and podcasts.
The Brand Strategist


Miriam works with businesses, non-profit organizations, and professions eager to increase their visibility and success. She specializes in creating 360-degree customized plans to fully leverage their unique assets and strengths across multiple platforms.


Clients have included colleges, environmental organizations, mental health and learning centers, consumer product companies,  lawyers, media executives,  and TV broadcasters. Miriam has worked with some of the largest companies and organizations in American, including the March of Dimes, Smithsonian Institute, James Beard Foundation, Yahoo, Edison Nation, and Partnership for a Healthier America. She 

The Content Creator


Miriam specializes in writing and editing award-winning content for magazines, books, websites, newspapers, and for-profit and non-profit businesses. She is coauthor, with Dr. Samuel Pauker, of The First Year of Marriage: What to Expect, What to Accept and What You Can Change (Warner Books), which has been published in six editions. She coauthors a blog on with Dr. Pauker called "Depression: A Guide for the Perplexed." Miriam has written and edited articles for some of the largest publishing companies in America, including Hearst, Meredith Corporation, Reader's Digest, Conde Nast, and the New York Times Magazine Group. She has been interviewed on Today, Good Morning American, CNN American Morning, CBS Morning Show, and dozens of other programs.

The First Year of Marriage
American Health Magazine Child Magazine
The Professional Speaker
Writer, Editor, Brand Consultant Miriam Arond speaking at an event


Miriam  has presented groundbreaking findings about health, parenting, food, marriage, and sustainability at numerous conferences, including:  American Psychiatric Association, American Psychoanalytic Association, Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment, Kraft Foods Parenting Group, Emunah Women of America, Marketing2Moms, James Beard, Good & Green Expo, Sustainable Furnishings Council, and the Consumer Specialty Products Association.


She has led expert panels about motherhood and child development and hosted numerous events, including Child Magazine's Children's Champion Awards, with Marion Wright Edelman, Geoffrey Canada, Joe Torre, Maya Angelou, Judy Blume, Tony Danza, and Paul Newman in attendance and Child Magazine's Book Awards, with Julie Andrews, Spike Lee, Maurice Sendak, and Eric Carle. In addition to being a guest on dozens of TV,  radio shows, and podcasts, she has been quoted in numerous newspapers and magazines, includingWall St. Journal, USA Today, and Newsweek.

Miriam's commitment to children, families, health, mental health, education, and sustainability have been evident throughout her career. She has created signature events to celebrate game changers, including individuals who have made significant contributions to children, health, and families (including Joe Torre and Marlo Thomas at left). She has also served on the National Board of Trustees of the March of Dimes, Advisory Board of the Child Development Institute at Sarah Lawrence College, Board of Directors of American Friends of Soroka Medical Center, and Board of Directors of the Entertainment Software Review Board.


Joe Torre and Miriam Arond
Marlo Thomas
The Advocate


Miriam Arond has won over 40 awards for excellence in writing, magazine editorial and design, website design and content, team leadership, and commitment to health, children, and safety.

Miriam Arond Awards
MIN - Media Industry News
Folio's Eddie and Ozzie Award Winners
Society of Professional Journalists' Deadline Club Award
James Beard Foundation Award for Excellence—Child magazine
Clarion Award—Child Magazine
The Award Winner
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