The book: The First Year of Marriage by Miriam Arond and Samuel L. Pauker, M.D.

The First Year of Marriage:

What to Expect, What to Accept and What You Can Change

by Miriam Arond and Samuel L. Pauker, M.D. (Warner Books)

Based on an exclusive survey of newlyweds nationwide, The First Year of Marriage: What to Expect, What to Accept and What You Can Change cracks the code of secrecy surrounding the honeymoon year and reveals the emotional and practical challenges that newlyweds face. This groundbreaking book published in six editions and translated for international publication, is filled with surprising findings, personal stories, striking statistics, powerful insights, and helpful checklists and advice to arm readers with the knowledge they need to create a strong foundation for the start of their marriage.


The First Year of Marriage: What to Expect, What to Accept and What You Can Change has received rave reviews, been excerpted in magazines, newspapers, and books, and had extensive media coverage in major media outlets, including:  New York Times, LA Times, Newsweek, USA Today, Washington Post,, Brides, Cosmopolitan, Bridal Guide, Self, and Reader's Digest. The authors have been interviewed on dozens of TV and radio talk shows, including CBS Morning Show, Oprah, Geraldo, People are Talking, Rolanda, The Shirley Show, Joan Hamburg Show, and Regis and Kathy Lee. They have presented their research findings on marriage at the American Psychiatric Association, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and the Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment. 

"Should be required reading before receiving a marital license not only for those getting married, but also for their families and perhaps their friends."
   ---Ira D. Glick, M.D., coauthor of Marital and Family Therapy

"No one should dare step up to the altar without consulting this one-of-a-kind book."
   ---Stephanie Wood, Bridal Guide magazine

"An authoritative, compelling guide to establishing a firm foundation for a lasting, happy marriage."
   ---Millie M. Bratten, Bride's magazine

"It takes newlyweds by the hand, and gently leads them past the danger points, the difficulties, and the unexpected misunderstandings of that first crucial year. A couple beginning marriage with this sensitive guide are clearing

the way for harmony and happiness in years to come. I will tuck this book in every wedding gift I send from now on."
   ---Francine Klagsburn, author of Married People: Staying Together in the Age of Divorce



The book Feeling Safe: Talking to Children about War and Terrorism Miriam Arond

Feeling Safe: Talking to Children About War and Terrorism

by the Editors of Child magazine. Forward by Miriam Arond (Barnes & Noble Books)

"Child magazine editors recognize that children deal with confusion, fear and anxiety in different ways-and that parents, whether their kids directly ask tough questions and admit they're worried about terrorism and war or not-need to be prepared to comfort.....This is a timely, helpful guide."
Publisher's Weekly