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“The Role of Humor in Therapy"—March 2024 


"How Do I Know if I'm Depressed?"—January 2024

"Treating Depression: Why Are There So Many Drugs?"—January 2024


"The Connection Between Sleep Problems and Depression”—December 2023

“Being Thankful in an Age of Anxiety”—November 2023

“How to Treat Seasonal Depression” (Seasonal Affective Disorder)—September 2023

“How to Tell That Drugs For Depression Are Starting to Work”—August 2023

“Drugs For Depression: Answers to 6 FAQs”—June 2023

From Depression to Self-Actualization and Happiness”—April 2023

“Helping a Friend in Despair”—February 2023

“10 Things Everyone Should Know About Depression”—February 2023

“Helping a Friend in Despair”—February 2023

“Is Your Mental Health Hurting Your Career?”—January 2023

“A 5-Minute Mindfulness Meditation That Works”—December 2022

“Why is Being Thankful so Difficult for So Many People?”—November 2022

“Do You Have Depression, ADD, or Both?”—October 2022

“Hope, Faith, and Depression”—September 2022

“The Devastating Impact of Depression on Marriage”—September 2022

“The Danger of Dissing Antidepressants”—September 2022

The Difference Between Mourning and Depression”—September 2022

“The Ripple Effect of Depression”—August 2022

5 Signs That Treatment for Depression is Beginning to Work”—August 2022

“Are You Prepared for Your Psychiatric Consultation?”—August 2022

“Driving Out Depression: A Comprehensive Consultation”—July 2022

“Reasons for Hope for Those With Depression”—July 2022

“Depression is Never Inevitable”—Next Avenue, March 2022

“It’s Never Too Late to Heal the Pain of the Past”—Next Avenue, May 2022


“The 5-Step Midlife PIVOT Plan"Forbes, May 2019
"Why I No Longer Feel Guilty Taking Vacations"—, January 2017
"The Green Good Housekeeping Seal: It's All in the Data"—, April 2015
"Why Boosting Your Immune System is Important for Your Brain's Health—Good Housekeeping, September 2015
"The Power of Food: Belief vs. Reality"—The Huffington Post, October 2014
"Motherhood is Not for Sissies"—The Pennsylvania Gazette
Good Marriage” column, Child magazine. Winner of American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy Award
"At the Center of the Storm: Jewish Women in Politics Talk About the Issues"Lilith magazine
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