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American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy Award

• American Dermatology Association's Gold Triangle Award

• Association for Women in Communications Clarion Award

• Best of the Web Award

• Empowering Women Award by Emunah of America

• Folio Magazine's EDDIE Editorial Excellence Award

• Folio Magazine's OZZIE Design Excellence Award

• Hearst Spotlight Award

• Home Safety Council Award

• James Beard Foundation Journalism Award

• Media Industry News (MIN) Best of the Web Award

• Media Industry News (MIN) Relaunch of the Year Award

• New York Times President's Award 

• PRINT magazine Design and Photography Awards

• Sigma Delta Child Deadline Club Award

• Society of Publication Designers Award 

• Webby Award 






The Webby Award for and for Product Reviews channel on
min award Miriam Arond
Society of Professional Journalists' Deadline Club Award
James Beard Foundation Journalism Award
Folio: Eddie and Ozzie Awards
Clarion Awards Miriam Arond
Miriam Arond has won dozens of awards for writing, editorial excellence, magazine art, design, and photography, and team leadership. They include:
Hearst Spotlight Award
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