American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy Award

• American Dermatology Association's Gold Triangle Award

• Association for Women in Communications Clarion Award

• Best of the Web Award

• Empowering Women Award by Emunah of America

• Folio Magazine's EDDIE Editorial Excellence Award

• Folio Magazine's OZZIE Design Excellence Award

• Hearst Spotlight Award

• Home Safety Council Award

• James Beard Foundation Journalism Award

• Media Industry News (MIN) Best of the Web Award

• Media Industry News (MIN) Relaunch of the Year Award

• New York Times President's Award 

• PRINT magazine Design and Photography Awards

• Sigma Delta Child Deadline Club Award

• Society of Publication Designers Award 

• Webby Award 






The Webby Award for Child.com and for Product Reviews channel on GoodHousekeeping.com
min award Miriam Arond
Society of Professional Journalists' Deadline Club Award
James Beard Foundation Journalism Award
Folio: Eddie and Ozzie Awards
Clarion Awards Miriam Arond
Miriam Arond has won dozens of awards for writing, editorial excellence, magazine art, design, and photography, and team leadership. They include:
Hearst Spotlight Award