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“Miriam is an exceptional leader and communicator. Her vision for the development of the Green Good Housekeeping Seal led to our firm’s on-going relationship with Miriam that lasted over seven years. Miriam combines an extraordinary level of creativity and business savvy that helps her turn bright ideas into commercial success. She has an uncanny feel for what connects with the general public and the ability to communicate in clear, understandable language. The successful development of the Green Good Housekeeping Seal was a multi-year process that involved the passionate and enthusiastic participation of nearly every member of the Institute, which was a reflection of her leadership and ability to motivate her colleagues.“

“Miriam Arond is a brilliant strategist and out-of-the-box thinker who brings intelligence, business savvy, and passion to every project she undertakes. As her executive editor for six years at Child magazine, I was grateful to work beside not only a sophisticated editor but also a superb marketer and brand builder. Through strong leadership and sheer force of will, she completely re-invented the magazine and, in fact, the entire parenting category with award-winning content and design as well as smart brand extensions. On top of that, she is a truly lovely mentor and person. I know I am not the only one who feels that working with her was one of the most rewarding experiences of my career.”


"Miriam's great insight into the interface between the Gaviota Coast Conservancy and the public nailed key issues. She shared key findings and recommendations, stimulated conversation, and set action plans into motion. Our Board greatly appreciated the work she put into her analysis!"

“"Miriam has played such an important role in the growth of DoYogaWithMe. Miriam's suggestions have led to our regularly promoting our content on social media and in a newsletter, engaging with our community in an interactive forum, creating a coordinated strategy that is Search Engine Optimized and yields conversions to DoYogawithMe memberships, and the redesign of our website home page. Miriam outlined a road map for us 18 months ago that has led to the expansion of our brand in a multitude of ways--including the introduction of DoYogaWithMe courses  at Omega, Esalen and Hollyhock, international yoga retreats, and festivals and yoga conferences. Miriam's guidance has been instrumental in helping us to get where we are now and will continue to shape our vision and growth for the future." 


DANA POINTS  Content strategist, brand steward, writer/editor

Miriam led our editorial team at American Health magazine in a relentless pursuit for excellence. Both creative and revenue-focused, Miriam was a terrific model of what it means to be in the modern media business. I've also served alongside Miriam on a nonprofit board. She is always present and giving 110% in our meetings: Her mind is working constantly--looking for the next opportunity, solving the problem many people can't even see yet.

KATHLEEN TRIPP, Digital Director of Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Former Executive Editor of

“Miriam completely understood and appreciated the power of digital very early on, leveraging the synergies between online and print to extend Child’s audience, increase subscriptions, and build loyalty. Her clear vision was the driving force behind the development and growth of the site, which was honored with Folio: Ozzie, EPpy and Clarion/Matrix awards for editorial and design excellence. She was always bursting with innovative ideas for web-only content features, interactive tools, community functionality, and integrated (print/online) programming initiatives. Miriam is sharp, creative, driven, and kind beyond measure. She’s also a wonderful mentor, manager, editor, writer, and leader. I just can't say enough about Miriam.”

"I had the honor of working with Miriam for three and a half years at the Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI). During that time and beyond, Miriam created, and guided many new dimensions of the organization- including the Green Good Housekeeping Seal, the annual Toy Awards, Beauty Awards, automotive reviews, and partnership with the James Beard Foundation.

Her talent in fostering employee development built a strong sense of community, and her charismatic leadership style was an inspiration to those inside and outside of Good Housekeeping alike. Her vision lay as the foundation for growth in GHI’s reach and character, and challenged the team to tackle new opportunities and ambitions. Perhaps Miriam’s finest skill was her ability to see the value in new trends, products, and investigations- to illuminate those stories in the magazine in ways that artistically blended both technical and editorial components, and to resonate value with readers across the country. Miriam brought out the best in the GHI brand, and in me. Her contributions and creativity will have as lasting of an impact on the organization as her guidance and expertise had on my personal growth".

ERIK EIBERT, PE, LEED AP Asst. Director, Sustainability Initiatives at The New School
NANCY KALISH, Founder and CEO of RULE BREAKER snacks

“Miriam Arond is simply one of the smartest and most creative people I've ever worked with. She is a true leader who is a master at coming up with inventive packaging of ideas, concepts, products, brands—really anything that needs help getting noticed by the public. She also brings passion to her projects, and it's contagious. She creates the kind of momentum that makes success inevitable. If you need a consultant, you couldn't be in better hands.” 

ELISABETH ANNE SHAW, Editor in Chief of
Family Fun magazine

"At American Health, Miriam guided our team with her innovative ideas, clear direction, and tireless enthusiasm. She was a true mentor, and her impact has been deep and lasting. In fact, four of the editors on our team at that time are now editors in chief at national magazines. That’s hardly a coincidence. Miriam brings out the best in each person—and brand—she touches."

"Miriam Arond is, without a doubt, one of the most creative thinkers I've ever known. She is never at a loss for ideas, and she knows how to think big—and deliver. She also is a warm, generous person who knows how to bring out the best in the people who work for her.

PAM KRUGER  Digital Director at Columbia Law School
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